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InfoNet 2014

Innovation in derivatives – new products, new technologies, new services

8 July 2014


  • Innovation in financial technology
  • Innovation with 'Big Data'
  • Incubating innovation


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Trading & execution issues in derivatives

1 May 2014

  • Best execution
  • Algorithmic trading/HFT
  • Will exchanges restrict access to their trading platforms and would this be good for competition?
  • Open access - the impact on choice of execution venue; the need for 'smart' clearing
  • Effects on liquidity
  • Dark pools
  • How will capping trading affect derivatives OTFs?


InfoNet 2013
Click here for publication Getting to grips with the new world order
14 January 2014
  • Pinch points in derivatives markets and operations technology
  • End user forum
  • Derivatives market infrastructure and the FCM business - time for reassessment
  • US equity options gear up for OTC clearing
  • Facing up to the challenges of the new world order


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EMIR and its impact on the post-trade environment

2 October 2013

  • What are the key concerns faced by operations executives?
  • Can vendors keep pace with the new requirements?
  • What measures can CCPs deliver to help firms through the painful process of implementation?


  • Hugo Jenkins, FOA
  • Mark Mills (Moderator)
  • Rory Cunningham, LCH Clearnet
  • Kate Evans, SunGard
  • Anthony Fraser, Goldman Sachs
  • Patrick Tessier, Citi
  • Paul MacGregor, FFastFill

Documents distributed

EMIR and its impact on the post-trade environment

Workstream executive summary

FOA documentation news update



Click here for publication  Innovation in listed derivatives - where will it come from? Product? Process? Place? 
15 May 2013
  • To what extent are new product ideas the result of real customer demand? Which customers in particular?
  • What role do/can the IDBs play?
  • What will be the effect of OTC products coming into the ETD space and what product development opportunities arise from that? How will SEFs affect new product development? Will they complement ETD products? Will the advent of OTC cleared products lead to 'futurisation' and in which markets?
  • Where is the innovation coming from in terms of...  'pure' product innovatin by asset class?  innovation in 'me too' products eg. providing new services around exisiting product lines?  innovation in geographic coverage?
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The future for the execution business 
26 March 2013

  • How regulations will impact market access
  • Will technology keep pace with market change
  • Is there for a future for algo trading?
  • Will volumes cope with the introduction of a financial transaction tax?
  • Future of the hyprid voice + technology based brokerage firms
  • Futures brokers vs IDBs
  • How does a broker demonstrate his value?


InfoNet 2012    
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Facing up to the reality of the new regulatory environment
17 January 2013

Session 1 - Improved date handling - the key to long-term and more recent issues in ETD

Session 2 - Standardising risk management processes in OTC and ETD derivatives

Session 3 - Evaluating the unintended consequences of regulatory reform

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A new pricing model for the derivatives business?
18 Sept 2012

A forum for FOA member firms along with buy-side customers and industry consultants to discuss how their business model might change going forward in response to new regulation, changes in the marketplace and commercial pressures.

Click here for a copy of the presentation - FCMs - interesting futures by Kamal Mohindra, PA Consulting

For further information - PA Consulting Contact Details:
Kamal Mohindra, Capital Markets Specialist, PA Consulting Tel: 07747784194

Rollo Burges, Capital Markets Specialists, PA Consulting Tel:  07866550692

Event Publication Pinchpoints in Technology
23 May 2012
  • How regulatory change is impacting business development and driving technology spend
  • How to balance mandatory technology expense with normal commercial strategy
  • What pressures does this put on the vendor/client relationship
  • How are the changes effecting technology strategy pre and post trade
  • Influx of new regulations (EMiR, MiFID/R, ESMA Guidelines, MAD)
  • Uncertainty about number of provisions (particularly MiFID) and timing
  • Uncertain powers of ESMA and supra-national regulators
  • Changing technology
  • Who is being protected and how (fragmentation of markets, market manipulation, market abuse, “fair and orderly market”)
  • Co-ordination of industry views and approach
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The Future of Market Infrastructures in Europe
6 March 2012

  • Competition has been a key issue in regulatory consideration of exchange consolidation. Coupled with the driver to move OTC trading onto exchanges and the advent of SEFs/OTFs what does that mean for trading venues in Europe, technology providers and firms?
  • Will this lead to more complicated work flow. Will we see equities-style smart order routing in derivatives?
  • Besides (in many cases) lower costs, how viable are the alternative venues for trading and clearing? How can they compete?
  • With MiFID spelling out what risk management trading venues will need to have to control the risks of highly automated trading, how will this impact the expansion of trading venues in Europe?
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The Potential Impact of the Break-up of the Euro
8 February 2012

The briefing considered some of the issues for the listed derivatives market that could arise should a break-up of the euro come about. Partners from Allen & Overy provided background analysis on key areas for consideration, including contract specifications, settlement issues and so on, for exchanges, CCPs and member firms.  Click here for presentation copies.

InfoNet 2011    
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MF Global:  Client Money & Assets
21 November 2011  

  • Key issues emerging from the default of MF Global in the US and Europe
  • Have lessons been learned from Lehmans? If not, why not?
  • Does the futures model need to change when it comes to client money
  • How has the UK's new Special Administration Regime performed

    The Futures of Commodity Derivatives
    20 September 2011  

    • Effect of regulatory change on markets
    • Globalisation and opportunities
    • Political and commercial pressures

    Trading issues in ETD markets
    12 July 2011

    • The future of high frequency trading
    • Access, transparency and liquidity
    • Regulatory development and its impact


    The FCM business model in the changing global environment
    10 May 2011

    • Compeition and differentiation
    • Reacting to new customer demands
    • Regulatory and technology issues


    Transforming the derivatives landscape
    2 March 2011

    • Execution and trade capture in the new regulatory environment
    • What are SEFs and OTFs?
    • Challenges and issues in achieving compliance

    2010 InfoNet    
    Event Publication New products and markets
    16 November 2010

    Event Publication Intergrating OTC products into the ETD environment
    21 September 2010

    Event Publication Confronting the Issues Posed by the Technological Arms Race
    1 July 2010

    Event Publication

    Markets in the Wake of the Financial Crisis - Where Next? 
    26 May 2010

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